Streamline your marketing communications program by using a single source.

We know how important it is for you to reach your clients with the right message at the right time. Blink Marketing Logistics will build a custom easily-scalable program to systemize the distribution of your direct mail campaigns, publicity materials, and other types of print and electronic communications. You focus on killer messaging and Blink will take care of the rest.


You need to get your marketing campaigns out efficiently, but constant coordination and manual processes waste time and are costly. You are under pressure to create impactful pieces that cut through the clutter and increase response.


Blink will create a custom program so you can easily distribute all of your marketing communications. We can help your message be more impactful with variable data print customization and other specialty mail services.


Enjoy the response! Once you are using a custom communications program built by Blink, you will no longer waste time and resources trying to coordinate your campaigns. Your company’s message will consistently hit the mark.

Custom Mailing Programs

Simply put, Blink can handle any type of mailing program you need to implement. We have the resources in place to handle everything from large traditional bulk mail to highly customized 1:1 direct mail.

We manage and cleanse (CASS and NCOA) your mailing lists to ensure maximum deliverability. We can also provide tracking once your job hits the mail stream. We can even build targeted mailing lists for you.

We offer fully automated intelligent inserting to make sure no recipient receives the wrong piece. Specialized or complex mailing projects with hand-inserting needs can be handled by our in-house Assembly and Kitting team.

Let us streamline your mailing programs for reminder cards, rebate checks, gift cards, stepped marketing campaigns, and more.

Specialty Direct Mail Programs

Your messaging may be compelling, but your mailing piece needs to stand out in the pile. With digital variable data print technology, Blink can help you personalize messaging and imagery on every individual piece you mail to impact each recipient on a personal level. Improve lead generation and engagement in your campaigns with pURLs, QR codes, scratch-offs, and more.

Humans are wired to respond to real handwriting which is why Blink offers hand-addressing and hand-written marketing pieces to help your mail pieces cut through the clutter. We also offer a proprietary Programmatic Handwriting Font (lovingly called PHONT) which is the closest automated production will get to real handwriting.

Go ahead. Be weird. We will help you get that unconventional and amazing mailing to your audience.

Customized Publicity Programs

If you need to have a system to help produce and distribute customized publicity or advertising materials on a large-scale and continual basis, Blink has you covered.

We can create web-based applications that let you customize artwork and messaging and apply it to a variety of campaign pieces quickly. Then we’ll handle production of your materials and get them where they need to go. The process from start to finish can be as automated as you need it to be.

Digital print technology means you can customize the messaging and layout for each batch of materials to be relevant to your target audience. You will not have to deal with the limitations of using generic art, messaging, or pre-printed shells.

Streamline your marketing communications through a single source.