Easily manage your marketing materials distribution from one online system.

Everything you need for your marketing program – literature, samples, signage, promotional products, honestly everything – can be ordered from your customized online catalog in just a few clicks and keystrokes. The backend system for sourcing, producing, storing, and distributing will already be in place. Our Assembly and Kitting team can handle special projects such as mass distributions, binder collations, and sample production.


Coordinating distribution of your marketing materials from multiple vendors can be a pain. You worry about brand consistency, timing, and you can honestly feel overwhelmed. You long for a single source provider to handle everything.


Blink will handle production, storage, and fulfillment of all marketing materials. Order items directly from a customized online portal. You maintain complete control and oversight with less effort and greater confidence.


Breathe easy! Once you are using a marketing fulfillment system built by Blink, you will no longer stress about coordinating all of your production, storing, and distribution needs. You can focus on innovation and growth for your company.

Print & Brand Management

Order all print materials from your customized online catalog. With Blink as your single provider, you maintain brand consistency across all materials. Online reporting lets you make the best decisions about reorder points and stock levels.

We can help you convert traditional print inventory to print on demand (POD) to keep your marketing materials fresh and reduce large up-front purchasing. Update your messaging as often as you need without waste.

You can also build customized POD marketing materials directly through your online catalog. Artwork templates are built to maintain your brand identity standards. Pieces are then produced or sent electronically. Easy!

Promotional Products

We provide perfect promotional products so you can leave the best impression. These items are fantastic for special recognition of clients and employees.

Order a truckload or one item at at time from your online catalog. We can even produce on demand.

Blink has preferred status with many suppliers which gives us the ability to offer items to you at a lower cost.

You can rely on our expertise in understanding and navigating the promotional products marketplace to give you the best products for your marketing needs.

Fulfillment & Assembly Services

Once you place an order through your online portal, we provide complete pick and pack fulfillment from our facility from a single sheet to an entire truckload. The system will also handle pass-through orders to 3rd party (3PL) providers.

We understand every client has unique business rules and ordering requirements. That’s why every order is picked and packed to your exact specifications for packaging, labeling, and handling.

Our assembly team handles everything from product sample prep to custom kitting to mass distributions. Every project is planned and managed based on your specific requirements for procurement, construction, handling, and packaging.

Today is the day to streamline your marketing materials management.